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+ Penedo in Brazil

Finnish Colony in Brazil

As a Finn, this is a place I had to see while in Brazil.

+ Machu Picchu in Peru

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu in Peru, the ancient city of Incas, one of the world’s seven wonders. What to expect?


The road to Machu Picchu

5 days and over 90 kilometers. Over a mountain pass and down to the jungle, we followed the famous Salkantay route to the ancient city of the Incas.


Iguazu Falls

The world’s largest waterfall system, containing over 270 individual falls. It’s a roaring masterpiece of nature.


Glacial lake high in the Andes

Laguna Humantay in the altitude of 4200 masl, rewards everyone who conquers it with breathtaking views and stunning scenery over the Andean valleys.


Sunbathing with Iguanas

In the Galápagos Islands, in Ecuador, you are surrounded by the amazing wildlife daily. Just mind your step as you go!


Favorites from Buenos Aires

My first destination in South America, Buenos Aires welcomed me with amazing food, friendly people, colorful culture and beautiful architecture.


The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá

How an old salt mine turned into a magnificent cathedral.