Favorites from Hanoi

Hanoi, Bustling capital of Vietnam

Hanoi charms with its authenticity and chaotic energy. What not to miss in this buzzing capital of Vietnam!

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Best of Bogota

Bogota, the bustling capital of Colombia

Things not to miss when in Bogota, the bustling capital of Colombia.

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Panama City

Layover in Panama

What to do in Panama City with a 24 hour layover?

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Best of Athens

Acropolis in Athens, Greece

The birthplace of democracy, philosophy and modern Olympic Games, a city full of magnificent reminders of history and the glorious times of the Greek. Find out what not to miss in Athens.

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Central square in Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia

The capital of Mongolia offers a unique experience. It’s a city where the old and new lifestyles are mingled together in total harmony.

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Favorites from Buenos Aires

Street festival in Buenos Aires, Argentina

My first destination in South America, Buenos Aires welcomed me with amazing food, friendly people, colorful culture and beautiful architecture.

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Capital above the clouds

La Paz, capital of Bolivia

In the valleys of the Andes, high above, lies La Paz, capital of Bolivia. Spreading from hill to another, creating a city of narrow zigzag roads and panoramic views.

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