I’m Elina, the face behind Nordic Diaries.

WHO?  I’m born and bred in Finland but found my home in other places as well. I’m curious about the world, it’s natural wonders and different cultures. I love pretty much all outdoor sports from horseback riding to trekking, from kayaking to surfing. I love slow mornings with a good coffee and a bottle of wine shared with my people on a warm summer eve. I enjoy long walks in nature and swimming in waterfalls. The sea breeze in my hair and the smell of nature after rain. Finding the right people with whom to share all this with.

WHY?  The passion and desire for traveling were planted on me at an early age. I remember the excitement of packing up for the summer holidays when our family always used to camp around Europe.  Later on, I kept traveling, solo or with others, near and far, for a weekend getaway or for an indefinite time, as long as I get to explore new places.

HOW?  I’m no heiress or a lottery millionaire. The money for traveling has come from a normal job but with a discipline of how I use my money. My next challenge is turning my passion into a career. I’m a student of Tourism Experience Management at a university of applied sciences in Finland. I’m thrilled about the opportunities this degree will open up for me but I’m also grateful that I’ve had the chance to chase my dreams in this life.


Nordic Diaries is my project, a diary of my travels. Originally I created it to keep my folk back at home up to date of my travels. It has become a combo of amazing pictures and craziest stories from my adventures around the globe. All true stories by the way.

Nowadays it is also so much more. I enjoy writing and storytelling, capturing places into pictures, and a little nerd in me enjoys also web design and learning coding. Therefore, in Nordic Diaries, I can express many of my passions together.

I hope you will find here inspiring stories among with useful tips and tricks.