Hi, I’m Elina!

I’m 30 something year old gal from Helsinki, Finland.

Currently I’m based back in Finland with my Brazilian hubby.


I love outdoors!
Trekking, kayaking, riding you name it!

I’m a student
I study tourism on a university level.

I’ve lived in 4 countries
Besides Finland, I’ve lived in Ireland, Chile and Brazil.

My favourite place in the whole world is
Our summer house by the lake in Finland.


Nordic Diaries started as a diary of my travels, to keep folk back at home up to date of my adventures.

“I want to inspire others to travel and discover more. I believe travelling makes us more understanding towards others and it spreads happiness.”

I come from an ordinary family, but I’ve been fortunate to start travelling on a very young age. I think everybody should try solo travelling at least once get out of their comfort zone and truly get to known to themselves.

My goals

I wish to become a travel writer and a spokesperson for sustainable travel and protection of nature and wildlife.