Turku castle

Summer that never came

Monday Blues because of lack of vitamins sea and D and my plan how to beat it.

Do you know the feeling of having restless feet? Yeah, I thought so. So do I. More than ever on this sunny August day I dream of packing my bag and running out to the airport. It’s two weeks before the next semester starts but to be honest, I don’t feel ready for it at all!

Studying is great, I’m loving it, but after a busy first year, I could have used a proper holiday for charging my batteries. With the risk of eating only pasta next month, I decided to have these coming two weeks free from work.

I’m gonna sleep in, eat breakfast in bed and hang out in my pj’s playing board-games until I feel ready to go out. I’m going to go to our summerhouse, switch off the internet and enjoy the outdoors. I’m gonna pack lunch and go kayaking for a whole day. On top of these, I’m gonna dream and plan our next trip to Brazil.

Life tastes sweeter when you got something nice to wait for, someone once said, I cannot help but agree!

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I'm nomad by heart and my curiosity of the world have taken me to places beyond imagination. Life is an adventure and I'm trying to make the best of it. Slow living, sustainability, and outdoor sports are some of my points of interest.

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