Glacial lake high in the Andes

Laguna Humantay in the altitude of 4200 masl, rewards everyone who conquers it with breathtaking views and stunning scenery over the Andean valleys.


It’s crazy how the altitude gets you. You think you are in a decent shape and you have spent weeks on a higher ground but even then you are forced to stop to catch your breath every five meters.

The distance to Humantay Lake from Soraypampa village is nothing but it’s up the hill and even the starting elevation is at 3900 masl.


We visited the Humantay Lake on the first day of our Salkantay Trek (Trek from Mollepata to Machu Picchu). We were staying overnight in the tiny town of Soraypampa and had extra time to do this. Extra time or not though, I wouldn’t have missed this!

Bravely we left to the pointed way and about an hour and a half later reached the crystal clear lake of Humantay. The views over the valley were rewarding and the high peaks dominating the landscape beautiful with their snowy caps.

It was a gorgeus spot to relax and just admire the nature.


A solid day of trekking and an early wake up before the sunrise guaranteed a good nights sleep. We slept in tents but to be honest, after dinner I was so tired that I could have either slept in the bushes with the donkeys. But I slept with a smile in my face, dreaming of Humantay’s clear icy waters and with a satisfaction of how I once again pushed myself over my comfort zone.

Laguna Humantay is a glacial lake getting its water from the glacier of Humantay Mountain. It’s few hours drive away from Cusco and doable for a daytrip as well.




5 Comments on “Glacial lake high in the Andes

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  2. I am planning on going next month. Did you guys go with a tour group or hired a Taxi? What time di dyou guys leave Cusco?

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    • Hey, we did this as a part of Salkantay trek which is a four day trek to Machu Picchu. I think you can get there with public transport as well and stay over night in Soraypampa. Thats where we camped for the night, the closest town of Laguna Humantay.

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