Favorites from Buenos Aires

My first destination in South America, Buenos Aires welcomed me with amazing food, friendly people, colorful culture and beautiful architecture.

How could I not feel welcomed when on the first evening in my arrival, I was invaded to a parillada, an Argentinian style bbq-party. It was a combo of delicious meats and salads on the side, and not to forget the local wines as well.

First day destination was the neighborhood of La Boca. It is fairly easy to get around with public transport but since we were on a walking distance of it, we walked. I was excited to discover Buenos Aires. A new country, new culture and so many new things to experience.

La Boca is the place to see the colorful houses and tango on the streets. Good for shopping souveniers as well, but keep in mind, a little touristic.


Less than a week in Buenos Aires didn’t give enough time for everything. Evening out in Palermo, visiting the beautiful cemetary of La Recoleta and Sunday Market in San Telmo were the highlights of my visit. Otherwise I was just breathing in the culture while wandering through the barrios, enjoying the atmosphere and tasting the local delicasses. And of course, getting into the rhytm of Latin America.

Those Argentinians know how to party! When we were already heading to sleep around 3 am, the bars only started filling up!



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