Rainbow Mountain

Rainbow Mountain, Montaña de Siete Colores

A stunning mountain of seven colors, high in the elevation of 5200 m asl, are you up for the challenge?

A couple of hours away from Cusco, Peru, is the Montaña de Siete Colores. A beautiful mountain, where different natural minerals have been playing their magic, leaving the mountain looking like a rainbow landed on it.


The hike was challenging. Even after a couple of weeks at higher altitude, it couldn’t quite prepare us for such a high ground. Horses are rented for carrying you up, but for me, part of the thing is to hike there with my own two feet.

Very slowly but steadily we made it up to the top. We had the perfect weather for this trek. It was sunny and clear so the colors of the mountain were at their best. The beauty of the area was worth it to get up in the morning before 3.00 am. We actually only returned to Cusco from Machu Picchu late on the previous evening so the lack of sleep probably made us already more tired for the day.

Altitude sickness is a real thing. Don’t even think about doing the Rainbow Mountain trip straight when you have come to town. Take at least few days to chill in Cusco and get used to the altitude.

  • 8848 – Mount Everest
  • 6960 – Aconcagua
  • 5895 – Mount Kilimanjaro
  • 5200 – Rainbow Mountain
  • 4810 – Mont Blanc
  • 3776 – Mount Fuji
Alpacas roaming free.
Stunning scenery.
Montaña de Siete Colores

Word of warning: Rainbow Mountain is very high in the Andes so mind the altitude. Don’t go on a bad weather, because the road up the slope might get muddy and very slippery and so for dangerous. Also the clouds may destroy your changes for clear view of the mountain. But on a bright day, the place is definitely worth the hike.

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