Capital above the clouds

In the valleys of the Andes, high above, lies La Paz, capital of Bolivia. Spreading from hill to another, creating a city of narrow zigzag roads and panoramic views.

First of all, the city is breathtaking. And not just by the means of the views but the altitude does its tricks on you other ways. The center is already in 3600m. asl and surrounding slopes rise to over 4000m. So take your time when moving around, it’s easy to lose your breath around here.

Breath in the atmosphere. It feels a little chaotic, sometimes unsafe, but definitely interesting. Pop by at the old witch market (Mercado de las brujas) for some souvenirs or to fill up your potions and ingredients. Go to cheer for wrestling cholitas or just simply have a wander around admiring the old colonial architecture.

Cool fact: La Paz has cable cars serving as a way of public transport. Catch a ride over the center.


Plaza Murillo

Unfortunately, my stories from La Paz fall short. The few planned days we had for the city were spent mostly with Netflix or playing cards in our Airbnb flat. We caught a food poisoning on our arrival which changed our plans quite dramatically.

La Paz isย full of interesting colonial history, it’s alive and untamed, don’t miss it.

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