Mendoza, the wine capital on Argentina

Bicycles and Argentinian wine

Who could say no to cycling through the famous wine region, in Mendoza, western Argentina. From a winery to another, tasting some the best wines the country has to offer.

So imagine picturesque wine yards, old and majestic premises, tasting wines under the hot South American sun. You could do this on a minibus tour, but doesn’t cycling sound so much more romantic?

I hate to break the picture though, as much fun as we had, and believe we did, the cycling option was cheaper for sure, but also sweatier.

About the wineries. Definitely a must-go. Great wines, beautiful places and fascinating stories of the families and their work.

And by the way, if a hostel has a daily free wine-time, that must mean you have come to a city of wine producers.

The city of Mendoza is charming but beware, they do siesta!

Don’t miss out the olive farm in the area, their products are amazing!

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I'm nomad by heart and my curiosity of the world have taken me to places beyond imagination. Life is an adventure and I'm trying to make the best of it. Slow living, sustainability, and outdoor sports are some of my points of interest.

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